July 3. 2020. Posting this a year later. Just because.

I told M, mostly to get him excited about the day’s hike, that we will have learnt something new by the end of the hike. Turns out, we did. Here’s goes a short list of those things.

Castle Rock state park, situated along the Santa Cruz mountains, is named after a sandstone formation called Castle Rock. When we came here a few years back, we were lucky to have seen this formation. The trail that goes to this formation (Summit Rock trail) is no longer open to public.

Since we…

My (our?) schedules no longer make space for moments with clarity of thought. So, when I have them, I will place the thoughts here. For me to remember, when the moments are gone.

June 17. 2021. 4am (don’t ask..)

When M is 50, our calendars will have flipped to 2065. There is a possibility I will be dead. Long dead? Likely not. I have a strange feeling I will be around. Less tolerant of b***hit but more fun to “hang” with. (another post for another day).

As I eat my Taiwanese honey toast, I realize what we don’t realize often…

In the land of the Long White Cloud


SFO → Christchuch (2 nights) → TranzAlpine train to Greymouth → Hokitika (1 night) → Franz Josef (1 night) → Lake Hawea (1 night) → Mt. Cook and then to Lake Tekapo (2 nights) → Queenstown (1 night) → Te Anau (2 nights) → Queenstown (2 nights) → SFO

SFO airport. Day 0. The travelers in their traveling shoes.


Day 1: Arrival at Christchurch.

We arrived at Christchurch early afternoon and were warmly received by Pauline at the Christchurch airport.

First impressions: We heard the sound of a bustling city and chirping birds at the same time, not something common…

Where would you say this blurb is from? “ability to perform tasks in complex environment without constant guidance”

If I didn’t know better, I would have thought this text was from an online job board. However, the sentence is from an online course on AI and is an attempt to describe the key property of AI: Autonomy.

This post is not an alarming post about “AI taking over our jobs”. Rather, it is a distillation of my current readings on AI and its elements. As a technologist, I tend to agree with the idea Andrew Smith popularized once: people fear…

There are travel destinations in this world that I experience for a few first minutes and know instantly that I would come back again sometime in future. There is an acknowledgement that a single trip just won’t do justice to that place and I long to be more than just a tourist in that city. Kyoto is one of those destinations.

We arrived at Gran Ms Kyoto hotel by early afternoon. This was our day 3 in Japan. During the train ride from Shinjuku, I had come up with a pretty lofty list of destinations to cover during the 4-day…

Japan Diaries — Part 1 | Arrival

‘Japan’ has always conjured up images of orange-clad monks and full-moon nights for me. As I write these words after our first trip to the country, it is surprising that we did not see either during our two-week long stay. This should say a lot about our itinerary, which was a random mix of old (Kyoto, Nara, Osaka, Miyajima) and new (Tokyo) Japan. …

It has been more than seven years that I last shared my words with the wired world. Let’s start afresh.

Today was a good day. Days that we spend out in the sun are always good days. It is a pity that it took P and me this long to discover our love for hiking. Decisions that one shares with another are supposedly more likely to stand the test of time so here goes one of mine — to visit a state park every other weekend.

Here’s to new words and to more days out in the sun!

Portola State Park

Keka Mandal

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